Feb 1, 2022 | TOOLING

Using 1-2-3 blocks to fixture manifolds or heads on a Bridgeport Mill may sometimes require joining a pair of 1-2-3 Blocks. While some 1-2-3 Blocks have a few threaded holes, these thread holes don’t always line up where needed.  These simple to make “connector pins” slide into the holes of the 1-2-3 blocks, allowing the blocks to be securely fastened together with a socket head cap-screws (SHC), in just about any configuration required. In this example, the 1-2-3 blocks have 10mm holes, so 0.343″ diameter pins were made slightly shorter than 1″.  Using pins slightly smaller than the hole diameter allows some movement for positioning adjustments, if needed.  One pin is drilled thru 0.199″ so a SHC slips thru; the other pin is threaded 10-32 to fit the SHC.  Longer SHC’s can be used to allow several different configurations of the 1-2-3 Blocks.  An advantage of using these “connector pins” is there are no external fastener bolt heads or nuts to interfere with 1-2-3 block positioning.

Tom Nichols
Automotive Machine & Supply, Inc
Cleburne, TX
FEB, 2022