• We Know Engine Parts

    Engine Pro has more than 45 outside sales reps and 103 inside reps spanning three continents. Many have real hands–on experience in rebuilding engines and competitive racing. When you have questions, chances are your Engine Pro reps have the answer More >

  • We Manufacture Performance Parts

    We manufacture our performance parts with the engine builder in mind.  We use state-of-the-art machinery and cutting edge technology to build you the best performance parts on the market. More >

  • We ARE the Engine: Parts Professionals

    Engine Pro has a network of 36 distributors across the U.S. and Australia. We have forged long-term partnerships with name brand suppliers so we have popular and hard-to-find engine parts in stock at a great price or can get them fast. More >

  • We Manufacture Stock Replacement Parts

    Top quality stock replacement engine parts for cars and trucks meet or exceed OE specifications. Priced to help the professional engine builder compete. More >

  • We Support Our Industry

    Engine Pro is proud to partner with trade groups and associations working to make the engine building industry as strong as possible.

About Us

Engine Pro is the name used by Engine Parts Group, Inc. for its engine parts distribution centers and the brand name for the engine parts it produces. Engine Pro sells exclusively to engine builders, machine shops and jobbers. This reflects our commitment to provide competitive pricing and programs, competent and knowledgeable telephone and field sales representatives and the tools to ensure that our rebuilder customers remain profitable and successful.

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COVID-19 Update


Engine Pro distribution centers stay open as essential businesses.

The Department of Homeland Security has identified "Automotive repair and maintenance facilities" and "Employees who repair and maintain vehicles, aircraft... etc. as essential to the welfare of our country." Therefore, Engine Pro distribution centers will remain "Open For Business" in the midst of major disruptions due to COVID-19. There may be some shortages and slowdowns from some of our suppliers but we are working to boost inventories to meet current and future demand.

Ordering online or by phone is preferred. Please call your distribution center to determine if any special procedures are in place for in-person sales.

While automotive supply and repair facilities may be essential to the country, you are even more essential to your family and friends! Please adhere to the guidelines outlined by the Federal, State and local authorities, use common sense and stay safe.

New! Engine Building Calculators

We've assembled our own collection of useful formulas to help make your work go faster and be more accurate. Click here to find automated formulas to determine cubic inch displacement, compression ratios, SAE vs. metric conversation, HP & torque and more.
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Featured Products

LS Catalog
Engine Pro's new and revised LS Performance Parts Catalog is now available.

Ask your Engine Pro sales rep for a printed copy. Or download a copy on this site. Download pdf >

Are you doing performance diesel?

Download this free catalog of Engine Pro performance diesel products. Get maximum features without breaking the bank!Download pdf >

These Gaskets are Real Engine Savers!

The next time you're working on a 3.7L & 4.7L Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep avoid future headaches and replace the intake gaskets with these. Engine Pro’s revolutionary Screened Intake Gasket contains specially engineered stainless-steel mesh that keeps valve seat debris out of the engine and saves everyone a lot of grief.Download pdf >

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