Apr 1, 2022 | OTHER SHOP WORK

Car Shop Tips

In the past, I balanced individual parts like everyone else; match all to the lightest, piston to piston, rod to rod, etc. But a few years ago, I started following this procedure: Assign all parts an identifying letter, then weigh and record all weights. Then match up heaviest piston with lightest rod small end, 2nd heaviest piston with 2nd lightest rod small end,etc. Then once all pistons are matched with all rods, the weight that needs to be removed will be markedly less. Then match heaviest rod big end with lightest rod big end, etc, until all rods are paired up. I made an excel spreadsheet that does the arithmetic, so I don’t get confused. Doing this has cut my component balancing time in half, maybe more.

Mark Workman
Workmonster Motorsports
Ballwin, MO
April, 2022