Sep 1, 2022 | TOOLING

I made this simple chuck support to help make changing chucks on my lathe & crank grinder much easier. Made from PVC pipe, a farm gate post bolt (or all-thread rod), and hardware, this adjustable chuck support lets the chuck slide off and on the spindle with ease. Used with a wooden board to protect the machine’s ways, swapping chucks is quick and effortless.  No more struggling to lift and hold a 6” to12” heavy chuck up to the spindle. The gate bolt is tightened by hand to draw the two PVC pipes together, raising the chuck or loosened to allow the PVC pipes to separate, lowering the chuck. The PVC pipes move relatively easy side-to-side on the wood, allowing for effortless alignment and support during chuck installation or removal. Clamping a length of tubing in the chuck makes a convenient grab-handle for safer chuck handling to & from the machine.

Tom Nichols
Automotive Machine & Supply, Inc
Joshua, TX 
September, 2022