Don’t Underestimate Advertising And Attitude

Nov 1, 2014 | OPERATIONS

Business Operations

Don’t Underestimate Advertising And Attitude
Every shop needs to advertise because your current customers will someday go away. Getting new customers should be the goal and advertising is one good way to get it. We have our logo and lettering on our delivery vehicles and from time to time send out a mass mailing of post cards to current and prospective customers. If a customer does not use you for a year or so, they may forget you. Many times, customers call and mention they saw our name on a truck or got a postcard in the mail. That’s money well spent. But don’t forget that the attitude of your drivers and employees can also gain or possibly lose you a customer in a moment. Have you ever gone to a store or a shop and you either loved it or hated it based solely on the attitude of the people who worked there? If you took your computer to a repair shop and the person at the front counter was negative and had a bad attitude, you might think about going elsewhere. The work ethics and attitudes of the staff in general will have an impact on customers. Be positive and upbeat with your customers. Teach your drivers and employees to always act professionally and it goes a long way with customers, especially prospective customers. They are the face of your company and some of the best advertising you can have.

Jeffrey Myers
MAR Automotive, INC
Philadelphia, PA
November, 2014