Feb 1, 2016 | OTHER SHOP WORK

Car Shop Tips

Most bolts broken off flush or slightly below the surface can be easily removed using a MIG welder. Place a flat washer the same size as the broken bolt over the bolt and weld through the center. Then, place a 1⁄2” nut on top of the washer and completely weld in the hole and tack weld the outer edge of the nut to the washer. The nut will be cherry red by this time and should turn the bro- ken bolt out easily. Some bolts may take several attempts to remove this way. On stubborn ones, touch a candle to the red hot nut and the wax will lube the threads and assist removal. If the bolt is recessed, like a SB Chevy starter bolt, cut off a 1⁄4” long piece of an 11/32” bronze valve guide liner and put it in the hole before welding the washer on. This will help prevent sticking to the recessed block area. I remove bolts from both aluminum and cast iron this way with great success.

Jim A. Creech, Jr.
Pete’s Engine & Machine Service
Kenly, NC
February, 2016