Extracting Broken Bolts From Aluminum

Nov 1, 2013 | OTHER SHOP WORK

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Extracting Broken Bolts From Aluminum
Broken bolts that are seized in aluminum with corrosion often do not break loose with penetrating oil or freeze spray because they are too tight. And we often shy away from using our torches for fear of melting aluminum since it does not glow before melting, unlike cast iron. Here is my method: Use your propane torch at normal temperature. At this temperature it will not melt aluminum. We prop the torch up to the head for five minutes of heat. So far, 100% of seized bolts have come out of the aluminum. Whether they are sticking out or sunken in and needing to be pre-drilled and extracted, we’ve found this method to be a lifesaver.

Jeffrey Myers
MAR Automotive, Inc.
Philadelphia, PA
November, 2013