Get Organized!

Aug 1, 2013 | OPERATIONS

Get Organized!
Looking around for tools and parts wastes a lot of time and money. There is a great benefit to being organized and having the tools you need where you need them. Our head resurfacer for instance used to have a roll cart next to it piled with adapters, shims, washers and wrenches. Every time you had to cut a head, you had to dig through to find what you needed. Simple peg board and a shelf made those tools easily accessible and the job is a breeze now. This is true for every part of your shop, from how you handle you paperwork to the procedures of rebuilding heads. If there are procedures in place and you are organized, the jobs flow through much faster. Once the tried and true procedures are in place, every employee must follow them so that one can pick up where the other left off without wondering if certain steps have been done. We’ve been more organized with procedures and shop cleanliness for six years, and jobs breeze through our shop now with no problem.

Jeffrey Myers
MAR Automotive Inc
Philadelphia, PA
August, 2013