Hollow Dowel Removal Tips


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Hollow Dowel Removal Tips
To keep hollow dowels from collapsing, insert a short bolt or stud, either an American or a metric, before clamping the pullers collet on to it, or just use a pipe wrench or locking pliers to twist it loose. We sometimes just thread the inside of the dowel with a bottom tap, using either an American or metric tap, thread in a stud, and then use a normal collet puller on that. For the tougher ones, we tack weld a washer that just fits over the dowels end and use pry bars on each side to lift it out. Insert a snug fitting bolt inside it and tack weld that on for a better grip with locking pliers. For the easy ones we collapse them by hitting them vertically on the side with a chisel. Another way is to clamp around them with a tubing flaring tool. Then twist or pry them out. You can also slit one side of a dowel with a small cutoff wheel, then collapse it with a chisel.

Timm Jurincie
Tuf-Enuf Auto Performance
Avondale, AZ
August, 2015