Installation Tool for Spark Plug Repair Inserts

Jan 1, 2014 | TOOLING

Installation Tool for Spark Plug Repair Inserts
This tool was developed after I got frustrated with supplier installation devices. It is faster, easier and works with most spark plug thread repair inserts, including Perma-Coil, Time-Sert and Heli-Coil. Start with a long reach spark plug, sliding a bronze spacer (metric flange bushing available at your local hardware store) over the plug leaving enough thread to engage the repair insert. (Photo 1). Place a dab of grease on the spacer/flange and thread the insert onto the plug. (Photo 2). Place a dab of Green Loctite #640 on the OD of the insert. Stick the plug with the insert threaded on it into the spark plug hole (previously tapped to accept the insert). Tighten the insert into the spark plug hole by simply screwing the spark plug into the hole. (Photo 3). Once it is seated, give a sharp counterclockwise “tap” to your wrench or driver. The insert will stay in place, and you can wind the spark plug bushing back out. The repair is finished.

Dan Morrison
Morrison Auto Machine
Glendale, AZ
January, 2014