Aug 16, 2018 | GASKETS & SEALING

Screens on your doors and windows work to keep debris out of your house. New intake manifold gaskets for 3.7L and 4.7L Dodge and Jeep products are designed to do just that. These new problem solver gaskets include a special stainless screen that keeps debris from a previous engine failure out of a rebuilt or repaired engine. In many cases a valve seat explodes and pieces go back up the intake and get lodged in the plastic plenum. When these pieces come out at a later date they can destroy the rebuilt engine. By using these intake gaskets the debris is harmlessly captured by the screen and can’t do any damage. Most production builders currently require a new plenum purchase or the warranty is void. Cleaning out the old plenum has proven to be ineffective in getting all the debris out. At over $400 for the plenum many try n vane to clean the old one and the added protection of the screen will help protect the job. If you are not familiar with the issues these vehicles have, there are a bunch of videos available online showing what goes on. Check out, “Whats in a 4.7 intake”.

Engine Pro Tech Committee

August, 2018