iPad, Do You?

Aug 1, 2013 | OPERATIONS

Business Operations

iPad, Do You?
The next piece of electronics for your shop might be an iPad or something comparable. I hear that some guys are even trying to handle parts purchasing from their smart phones. Leave the phone for talking. A tablet or iPad could be used for many things around the shop and is very portable. It could be used for e-mailing customers and suppliers, or you can access the internet and place orders online with suppliers that offer this service. You can use the “Notes” application as a running tab of parts to acquire or jobs that need to be accomplished. Use the built-in camera to send pictures to suppliers or customers. Use the internet search engines to find info on jobs you may not be familiar with while you’re at the workbench or machine working on it. I believe it might be possible in the future for you to access your own business software through your iPad from the furthest reaches of your shop or even from home.

Dave Sutton
Sterling Bearing Inc
Minneapolis, MN
August, 2013