Keep Chuck Keys in Check

Jan 1, 2014 | TOOLING


Keep Chuck Keys in Check
This isn’t the most high-tech Shop Solution in the world, but it can save you hours of lost time and aggravation. Have you ever wasted time looking for your drill’s chuck key or fought chucking in a bit with the key tethered or taped to the cord? Here is a solution. Take a piece of 1/4” heavy walled tubing and cut off about a 2” piece. Then fasten it to the lower handle of the drill or the very top of the cord with a fairly wide tie wrap compressing the tubing a bit. Then, slip the chuck key into it. It will hold securely out of the way, and you can remove it freely to chuck in a bit without the interference of a cord or tether.

Michael Campiere
Campiere Customs
Chalmette, LA
January, 2014