Making Impact on Head Disassembly

Dec 1, 2014 | CYLINDER HEADS

Cylinder Head

Making Impact on Head Disassembly
Here is a fast way to disassemble cylinder heads. Take a 1/2” impact driver (the type that you twist and hit with a hammer) and place an impact socket that is just a little smaller than your valve retainer onto the impact driver. Next place your cylinder head on your workbench or V head stands. Next, place the impact driver socket over the retainer, push down on the retainer, hit the impact driver with a good size hammer and then slowly lift up and pull the separated keepers with a pen magnet. The energy from the spring in the impact driver helps to separate the keepers from the retainers and valves, and it also helps to stop the keepers from flying away by keeping the socket on top of the retainer.

Dave Matton
D and D auto Machine
Bloomington, MN
December, 2014