Making Your Own Custom Wrench for Headers

Aug 1, 2013 | TOOLING


Making Your Own Custom Wrench for Headers
For starters, find an old wrench you will not feel bad about bending and manipulating into the desired handle configuration. Then, I recommend a new sparkplug socket. (Make sure the wrench you choose will butt up to the socket.) Take the sparkplug socket and cut the end of the socket where the ratchet normally would hook to socket. Now take your wrench and the half cut socket and either tig weld or mig weld together. Bend the wrench in the desired position to make the removal and installation of your spark- plugs easier. The amount of socket you cut off is entirely up to you and your application. When done, the end of the sparkplug should be able to go all the way through to the end of the socket and fit in just about any location.

Roy Maloney
Engine & Performance Warehouse
Houston, TX
August, 2013