Mar 1, 2015 | OPERATIONS

Business Operations

Cash flow is a vital part of every business…..let’s get better at it. -Cover yourself along with your business. Fill out a work order (if you don’t have one… create one). You want it to show: Customer information and the work the customer wants done, parts & labor, estimate. Have a specified time frame on pick-up of product after work is done. And no pick-up unless paid in full. State what happens to the abandoned job if your customer doesn’t pay and pick-up. Get the customer’s signature along with a deposit to cover the parts portion of the job, so you can discount with your vendors. Profit! Some collection reminders: (Yes, you are collections for your business too!) -Don’t get mad & don’t take it personal. -Don’t ever feel bad placing collection calls, your work & your money. You were hired to do a job, you kept your part of the agreement and your customer agreed to pay. -Always log your call dates onto the work order along with notes. -Try to get an exact date when the customer will be in, don’t accept “I’ll be in soon”. If the customer doesn’t show, keep contacting on a regular basis. (The squeaky wheel gets the grease, or the money in this case.) -Always be professional, this is your business and reputation. Muscle in the Office…an important part of every shop.

Vonda Floyd
Sterling Bearing
Kansas City, MO
March, 2015