Jan 18, 2018 | OPERATIONS

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We all need some positive reinforcement from time to time. When talking with your customers about some news that is not necessarily good, you can also put a more positive spin on the news. Let’s say you are starting an en­gine build and find out the pistons your customer wants are not immediately available. Consider the following dialogue with the car owner: — Negative: “I can’t get you those pistons until next week; they have to come from the factory”… — Positive: “Those pistons will be available next week. I’ll place the order today and my warehouse will ship them to us straight from the factory.” — Or, maybe you’ve discovered additional repairs needed to a customers block: — Negative: “I’ve got some bad news. You must have over heated the engine at sometime and the main bores will need some additional machine work called align honing.” — Positive: “While we were inspecting your block, we discovered a problem that would affect the life and performance of your engine. The main bores will need to be align honed. This is a sign that the engine may have been severely overheated at some point. We can handle this here in our shop and by bringing things back into spec, you’ll increase the life of the engine and help prevent a potential failure.” — Redirecting conversations using positive words that propose a solution will make your customer happier and you more profitable.

Engine Pro Technical Committee

January, 2018