Feb 1, 2023 | CYLINDER HEADS

Back in the day, we did camel hump SBC heads by the dozens, and we really used our hydraulic stud puller. We recently did a 1944 flathead Jeep engine. There is no clearance to drive the guide out easily. So, we took a short length of grade 8 all-thread rod and a coupling nut with the points turned off just enough to clear the inside of the head, and an SBC balancer washer on the deck and we were good to go! The internet shows how to pull the guide with just all thread rod, a washer, and a top nut. Not happening! Not one of them would budge, not even with an impact wrench on it! The Hydraulic puller worked fine until halfway pulling the second guide, then the all-thread snapped, and launched the puller! And that explains the grade 8 all-thread.

Timm Jurincie
Tuf-Enuf Performance
Avondale, AZ.
FEB, 2023