Search ‘Engines’ Using Search Engines

Aug 1, 2015 | OPERATIONS

Search ‘Engines’ Using Search Engines
You’ve heard the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Often when sourcing parts for today’s complex engines it helps to see an image of the component or the casting the part is bolting on to. There are many industry sources that offer details about parts and their proper installation, but these programs may be expensive to buy and maintain, and often don’t include many photographs. Here is an inexpensive way to find images for just about any engine part or engine: Using an Internet browser, enter a specific search string into any search engine, e.g. “4.0L Ford Timing chain replacement.” Then, click the link label “Images.” If you don’t see a helpful photo, try altering your search criteria. Click on the image you want to view. To get a closer look at the image, if using Google, click the link labeled “view image.” Once the image appears in a new browser window/ tab, use the browser’s zoom feature to enlarge any part of the image.

Richard Martin
Laughlin Machine
Laughlin, NV
August, 2015