May 1, 2014 | TOOLING

Most popular engines have 14 MM and 18 MM spark plugs. The paper cup type from engine equipment suppliers, or tape, will pop out when engine is turned over. I discovered a cute economical way to plug the spark plug holes. 1/4 pipe loosely threads into 14 MM. spark plug holes. 3/8 pipe fits about the same way into 18MM Spark Plug holes. Our hardware store has plastic NYL 3/8 pipe by 3/8 barb fittings with a 3/4 OD hex and 1/4 pipe with 3/8 barb and a hex, just like brass universal fuel fitting. Only the plastic ones are only 59-69 cents apiece. When snugged down with a thin 6 point socket the plastic hex locks down against the head, and the plastic fitting will stay put. To cap the 3/8 flare I use a 1.5 inch piece of 3/8 ID cheap clear vinyl hose. I cut a small piece of new red scotch bright , fold it and stick it flush, or slightly below, in the top 1/2 inch of the cut off hose. Push the open end of the hose over the first barb. Now the spark plug holes are protected, and you can turn the engine over freely and not have the caps pop off. Another plus is -if storing long periods, light oil can be applied onto the scotch bright to wick down into the cylinders. Or just remove the hose caps, and put a few drops into the barb’s opening.

Jim Feurer
Animal Jim Racing
Lacon, IL.
May, 2014