Nov 1, 2020 | OTHER SHOP WORK

Most of us know that magnetism on parts such as connecting rods is a very bad thing. Heat and friction can cause used rods to become magnetized. Today we can download Gauss/Magnetometer apps for our phones. They use the phone’s internal compass to check the magnetic field around the part! Most Apps are free or very cheap. I just downloaded a very nice one for $.99. If you find parts that have a higher than acceptable magnetism and you don’t have a “demag” table, you can simply pass the parts through the center of the magnetic field of your magnaflux ring or portable magnaflux wand to demagnetize them. Check again with the Gauss meter to verify it worked. Depending on the level of magnetism it could take a few passes. Enjoy your non-sticky parts!

Jake Sampson
Sampson Racing Engines
Inver Grove Heights, MN
November, 2020