May 1, 2017 | OPERATIONS

Business Operations

Sometimes when we repeat a task over and over, we don’t look at the details as much as we should. We trust the customer, the parts manufacturer or simple circumstance. The opportunity for problems presents itself when we become comfortable, building the same engine we have done dozen’s of times. We know how the parts are supposed to fit and don’t pay close attention to the details. The time saved by skipping a few step can come back to bite you in the end. It reminds me of the story about a skydiver with thousands of jumps who walked to the plane, “bs’d” with his buddies all the way to altitude and jumped out. Sad part was that he forgot his parachute, and no one else noticed either! As the last person to handle the parts, the shop has the responsibility to make sure they are correct, fit correctly and are installed correctly, no matter what the circumstances, or where they came from. We need to treat every job like the first or only job, to prevent a bad landing.

Mark Sarine
Sterling Engine Parts, Inc.
Dania Beach, FL
May, 2017