Jan 1, 2017 | OPERATIONS

Business Operations

One thing I’ve learned after many years of business is that my time is very valuable. I can balance multiple machines running and I can squeeze in some time with my customers, but it can be difficult being the “parts guy” as well. Like most shops, I can’t afford a parts counter person on the margins we make on parts today and I know some shops are walking away from parts sales because of this. I have found a parts person and his salary is free, or almost. There are many engine parts WD’s out there and each em­ployees several customer sales reps (CSR). After dialing into to one who I could relate to and work with, parts acquisition became much easier and much more profitable. As long as I have the right information when I call, I have easy access to quotes, availabil­ity and my parts show up while I keep working. I might be able to shop out every part for the best price, but that would cost me far more in the long run.

Randy Torvinen
Torvinen’s Machine
Menahga, MN
January, 2017