Oct 19, 2018 | OPERATIONS

Business Operations

With certain jobs in the shop, setup time can be a big factor. I keep detailed notes and sometimes pictures of particular setups to save time. For instance, I have “crib sheets” for many set ups on the line boring machine. Block to machine head, direction, riser position and bearing riser location from the beginning of the ways are noted as well as center support location. I’ll even have mic settings for specific jobs as well. I’ve been able to trim the time it takes to do many jobs by quite a bit. This actually saves your customer money and keeps them bringing the jobs in. For those who use flat rates, you make more money. — The same thing goes with honing. Recording honing procedures and surface qualifications on specific blocks takes out the trial and error of establishing the perimeters you are trying to achieve. Follow your previous/known protocol, validate it with the pro­filometer and complete the job.

Ron Flood
Cedar Machine
North Branch, MN
October, 2018