Nov 9, 2018 | TOOLING


I use a set of machinist Transfer Punches to help me set up on an existing hole that may have a broken bolt or even broken drill bit, that is below the surface. The Transfer Punch is designed to drop into a hole by specific size, and the center punch can do it’s job down in the hole. I turn it around and insert it into the chuck of my head shop or mill. Then the back side, non-pointed side of the punch can fall into the hole and give me an exact center on the hole. I use a combined drill and countersink, also called center drills, to start my hole. These are very short and rigid and do not move around. Once my pilot hole is ready, I can change to a longer bit to continue drilling all the way through the broken bolt or stud.

Lewis Andrews
Andrews Automotive
Savannah, MO
November, 2018