Jun 1, 2019 | ASSEMBLY

You would not think of warrantying a newly rebuilt engine if the customer bolted on a dirty oil pan, crusty pick up screen, old sludge filled valve covers or even a Chevy intake manifold the was losing carbon out of the heat shield, but it’s okay to change internal components in the car and not expect the same cleanliness? Whether it’s changing timing components on a 3.6L GM, installing a new cam and lifters in a 5.7L Chrysler hemi and replacing broken AFM lifters in a 5.3L Silverado, cleanliness is the most important thing in a successful repair. When parts fail there is a reason. Many are due to poor maintenance and restricted oil flow. If these conditions are not addressed, the new parts will fail as well. Many failures put debris throughout the engine. The oil filter will only catch so much. Timing guide and tensioner failures will fill the oil pan with plastic and cam and lifter failures on a Chrysler hemi will fill the engine with fine metal debris. When was it ever okay to leave this in an engine? We will not do major repairs such as these without pulling the pan and pick up, and without cleaning all the tins. We clean as much as possible if doing the job in the chassis. Camshafts must be thoroughly check for lobe wear and on the hemi we’ve been removing the engine. It doesn’t take that much more time and we can do a much better job with the engine on a stand. Our comeback rate has fallen to next to none since implementing this policy.

Josh Jeans
Cutting Edge Automotive
Forest Lake, MN
June, 2019