Engine Pro Introduces Nitro Black Coated Performance Bearings

Oct 6, 2020 | NEWS

Engine Pro has launched its new line of Nitro Black coated performance bearings. Along with their tri-metal construction, these bearings feature a Nitro Black dry film lubricant coating which increases lubricity, reduces friction and increases load capacity.

Engine Pro’s bearings also have oversized chamfers for large radius fillets, high crush and no-flash plating to improve seating, and medium eccentricity to maintain uniform oil clearance.

Engine Pro President, Jesse Jones said, “As with all Engine Pro performance products, these coated bearings have high-end features that are race tested for reliability in extreme conditions. They’re also priced affordably so engine builders and the end user always get big value.”

Nitro Black is the designation reserved by Engine Pro for its premium high-end performance products. Many of these products incorporate technologies only available in the most advanced performance products.

Engine Pro is the largest engine parts distribution network in the U.S. and Australia, and also supplies engine parts in Europe. The group’s independent specialty engine parts distributors operate 35 warehouses and inventory a full line of internal engine components for domestic and import passenger car, light truck, heavy duty, industrial, marine, agricultural and performance applications.

Contact: Jesse Jones – jjones@enginepro.com