Flyer Selling and Swapping

Oct 1, 2013 | OPERATIONS

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Flyer Selling and Swapping
An easy and cheap form of advertising is the 8-1/2 ̋ x 11 ̋ flyer. For about a dime, you can print a flyer, and most quick printers will help you with the design. A broad generic flyer could take on the purpose of a resume, telling customers about you, your services, hours and contact information. A common practice is putting out a flyer offering free or discounted services. One shop I know advertises a free case of oil with any engine build. – Once your flyer is printed, make a deal with other merchants in your area to provide a spot for their flyers in your shop if they will do the same for you. You will get exposure to a different customer base in another location. Picking like-businesses, such as a towing company or a body shop, will increase your advertising results.

Steve Rich
Sterling Bearing, Inc.
Kansas City, MO
October, 2013