Nov 1, 2019 | ASSEMBLY

Here’s an easy way to put the head gasket and cylinder head on a engine. Simply cut off the heads of 2 head bolts to make some Guide Studs. Now screw them into the block and set the head gasket on. Then install the head and install some head bolts to keep it in place. Now remove your Guide studs. If you slot the end of the stud you could use a large screw driver to back them out. You can use the same studs for putting heads on in the car. We use them when putting cylinder heads on a complete build to make it simple and there is no way for the head to miss the dowels or damaging the head gasket if it slips off for some reason. Make sure your bolts are long enough so that without the head they still protrude out from the cylinder head enough to grab them for removal.

Gary Keeling
Keeling’s Automotive Machine
Santa Clara, CA
November, 2019