Apr 1, 2015 | OPERATIONS

Business Operations

In a resent issue of Engine Builder magazine (Feb. 2015), they discussed how the internet is your friend with all the available info on manufacture’s web pages, forums and articles. In searching for that information you may be overwhelmed by the number of pages that come in response to one search. My wife taught me a trick for refining a search that has helped me narrow my sites. When searching for specific info, putting the words you are searching for in “quotes” narrows the search to those words in that sequence. Simply putting words up would find those words anywhere on any page on the net. For example, if searching for 1.6 Ford industrial, you may find pages where it may say 1.6 Mazda, Ford tractor, and industrial cleaner, or something on that line, not the “Ford 1.6 industrial” information you may be looking for. Also, if I am specifically looking for information found in a forum, I add the word “forum” to my search and it will help me find forums only, in which people sharing experiences, pictures and knowledge.

Brad Luck
Weaver Auto Parts
Sauk City, WI
April, 2015