Piston Ring Squaring Tool

Jul 1, 2015 | PISTONS & RINGS

Piston Ring Squaring Tool
I made a quick and accurate piston ring aligner for checking end gaps out of a .030 over, 454 Chevy flat top piston. Just chuck the piston in a lathe and turn the ring lands down to a little under 4.000 ̋. (Mine is 3.995 ̋.) The bottom of the oil ring land is about .950 ̋ from the top of the piston, and will align the ring in the block very accurately. Of course, different sized pistons could be used for many different bore combinations, but this one piston will work with Std .030 ̋, or even .060 ̋ over-sizes in the popular 4.00 ̋ bore range.

Joe Degraw
Grawmondbecks Performance Engines
Mason City, IA
July, 2015