Apr 1, 2015 | OPERATIONS

Business Operations

What is your business’ #1 asset? Hand tools? Head equipment? Inventory? Every day owners protect their company assets by setting alarms and securing doors. But how often do you think about protecting your most valuable asset? …Your Workers. Sure, it’s a PITA to replace a stolen toolbox. But losing a good employee to an injury can be a long, painful experience. When a typical 3-man shop loses a worker it reduces production by 33% and that usually means delayed jobs, overtime wages, and upset customers and employees. This tip is a reminder to shop owners to review shop work policies and to ensure all employees are following some common sense practices that can save your company a bundle: – Wear safety equipment: glasses, ear plugs, boots, gloves – Wear appropriate clothing: No loose clothing, long hair, jewelry, etc – Wear close-toe shoes or better yet, steel-toed boots – Use lifting devices and a lift-belt – Use a shop-vac to clean metal shavings, do not blow shavings using compressed air Insist employees report defective tools or machines and any injury that occurs on the job. Enforce this company policy and your company and your employees will be happy and healthy.

Steve Rich
Sterling Bearing Inc
Kansas City, MO
April, 2015