May 1, 2023 | OPERATIONS

Many shops are now using CNC machining centers, with coolant tanks/sumps. With time, the coolant will grow a foul-smelling bacterium, especially during the warmer summer months. The cure for foul-smelling is “Coolant Deodorizing Tablets”, available from many industrial supply companies. Made specifically for use in machinery coolant tanks, the recommended dosage is 1 tablet per 25 gallons every 2 weeks.  One tablet = approx. 3-1/2 oz. Their Material Safety Data Sheet states the ingredients as Sodium Tetraborate Decahydrate and Water. A tube of only 15 tablets (approx. 52 ounces) costs about $45 + shipping, or about $3 per dose. “Borax” is a common name for sodium tetraborate decahydrate (also known as sodium tetraborate, sodium borate, or sodium borate decahydrate). It’s used as a laundry cleaner, in toothpaste, sunscreen, paint, and as a welding/brazing flux. A 65-ounce box (approx. 18 tablets) of powdered “Borax”, found on the laundry /cleaning supplies aisle is only about 5 bucks, or less than 30¢ per dose. 3-heaping tablespoons of powder =approx. 1 tablet. 

Tom Nichols
Automotive Machine & Supply, Inc
Joshua, TX
MAY, 2023