May 1, 2015 | CYLINDER HEADS

I work on everything from large HD agricultural to motorcycle engines. My excessive amount of seat and guide tooling had to find a home. I built this rotating tool holder out of 3 pieces of heavy wall PVC. The inner tube is attached to a pipe, which is set into a roller bearing and pedestal, and acts to stop the tooling when I push it into the slot. The next piece of tube has a diameter 4 inches less than the outer tube to provide stable holding of the tooling. I used threaded rod, cut to length, with a nut on each side, to maintain the spacing between the tubes and build rigidity. Holes are sized for the various tool diameters, including the old pushrods I use for “pegs” to hold my stones. My tooling is in order and easy to locate with a simple spin of the fixture.

Jim Wolfrum
Jims Automotive Machine Shop
Gill, CO
May, 2015