Mar 1, 2019 | ASSEMBLY

Sometimes I end up having to paint an engine and don’t really have a dedicated place to do so. I put down a plastic painters drop sheet and paint the parts while guiding a shop vac hose in close proximity to where I’m spraying. A foot or so away is fine. It helps when spraying small parts on a bench too. Make sure you have a good HEPA filter and if it’s dirty, that actually helps. I use a brand name reusable filter and the paint overspray sticks to the dirt on the filter and cleans off with no problem. A high capacity 5-6 hp vacuum works best. You can wet the surrounding floor as well, but I’ve found virtually no overspray within the few feet of the drop sheet. I’ve had other guys try this and they say it works great! Pictured is one I just painted for a car of my own and it’s clean all around it!

Ron Flood
Cedar Machine
North Branch, MN
March, 2019