Connecting Rod Pin Bore Repair


Connecting Rod Pin Bore Repair
Ever need to repair a Ford, Chrysler or any other full-floating connecting rod where the pin bore is now larger than the O.D. of your new bushings? I use acid-core solder as a filler and bonding agent. Heat your connecting rod’s small end in your rod heater. Use the acid-core solder and coat the pin bore of the rod. Now, while it is hot, start to press your bushing into the hole. Use additional solder at the leading edge of the pin bushing and coat the outside of the bushing some as you press it in. Then let the rod cool down to room temp. As it cools it will shrink down in size and firmly grip the bushing. DO NOT QUENCH or the bushing may fall out. Use a wire brush to clean up the outside of your rod and hone the bushing to size.

Darrin Anderson
Sterling Bearing Inc.
Kansas City, MO
November, 2015