Apr 1, 2015 | CYLINDER HEADS

Cylinder Head

I’ve heard many shops complain about the finish and quality of some of the new bare cylinder head castings that are imported into the U.S. No one ever complains about the price, just the finish. In my shop, I look at these new castings as “a good core”. I expect them to need at minimum the seats touched up and those that use an MLS head gasket may need to be surfaced. I also check valve to guide clearance. Seems no one has ever bought a new casting from the O.E.M. If you had, you’d see the value of these inexpensive offshore castings. My name is going on the finished product, so I want the job done correctly. I make sure I charge the customer enough to cover my time and make a reasonable profit off the new part.

Tom Prodahl
Cylinder Head Service
Minneapolis, MN
April, 2015