Aug 2, 2018 | ASSEMBLY

If you have an intake that doesn’t seem to be fitting correctly, a quick check on the face to intake angles can be done, as will give a way to measure the amounts needed to mill off. Take 4 pieces of thick acid core solder and tape them on each corner of the head, top to bottom on the intake face. Next, install and snug the intake to compress the solder enough to get a measurement. Remove the intake and measure the solder from top to bottom, checking the angle fitment in the process. This process can be used to determine the over/under of the gasket being used for intake milling for fit. Different thicknesses of solder can be used for this check. Bonus tip; thick solder works great for checking rod to cam clearance. Rotate the engine and let the solder get crushed in the suspect area. Simply measure afterward.

Ron Flood
Cedar Machine
North Branch, MN
August, 2018