May 1, 2014 | ASSEMBLY

For many years, bolt boots have been the primary way to protect the crankshaft journal from damage during piston installation. Some shop supply companies sell long steel tubes that serve as guides to help align the rod to the journal. These help align the rod, but can also damage the journal surface. For many years we have used a low cost alternative that both protects the journal surface and aligns the rod to the journal. We use hard plastic tubing that are cut in lengths of 6”-12”. We simply slide one end over the bolt and this not only keeps the bolt from contacting the journal, but it also serves as a guide to line up the rod. This has worked so much better for us than any other method we have tried. We use various lengths for different motors depending on deck height. A little experimenting will help you quickly determine which lengths work best for each motor. The tubing is available in brands like Pex and can be purchased at most home improvement stores. The cost is minimal and most stores will sell it to you by the foot, so there is no need to buy a complete roll. 3/8” tubing will work on 3/8 bolts. We even have bolts already inserted in tubing for the rods that use cap screws. Give it a try and We think you’ll agree with us that this is a great way to install pistons.

Chuck Verde
Casey’s Machine
West Valley, UT
May, 2014