Jun 1, 2021 | OTHER SHOP WORK

Start with a carriage bolt with a head diameter 1/4″ larger than the bottom of the T-slot. Be sure the bolt’s square shank fits easily into the T-slot. Chuck the bolt in the lathe, drill and tap thru the head to a depth just beyond the end of the square shank. (If the bolt has a little run-out, it won’t matter.) The distance from under the bolt’s head to the top of the head cannot be greater than the clearance gap of the T-slot. Faceoff the bolt head as needed. Part off just past the square shank, so the distance from under the head is less than the thickness of the upper portion of the T-slot. Finish by grinding 2-parallel “flats” on the bolt head until it fits easily in the T-slot. This can be done quickly and easily by eye.  I often need a few extra T-nuts, or I need a T-nut with a smaller imperial thread or a metric thread than what comes with clamping kits.

Tom Nichols
Automotive Machine & Supply, Inc
Cleburne, TX
June, 2021