Oct 1, 2014 | OTHER SHOP WORK

Car Shop Tips

We get a lot of broken bolt, broken tap, and broken easy out work in our shop, mostly because we are good at it! We are usually the last guys called because we are not known as the cheapest, but the guys that always can do the job. When we are trying to remove a broken tap without an EDM, we spray it first with PB Blaster, our favorite penetrant, then use a small brass punch and small hammer to gently work the tap free in all directions. Often times you can then use a slender needle nose plier, forceps, or 4 pronged tap remover between the flutes and turn and remove the broken tap. When the tap wants to move, but sometimes just won’t, we vibrate the tap and/or pliers with a vibratory etching pen. Don’t bother with a cheap etching pen! In some applications they will work, but not as well as a higher power unit. This many times will allow the tap to back out freely. If not, then we just start to break the flutes with a small punch, again vibrating the larger parts with the pen, while blowing air to the bottom of the hole with a fine tipped blow gun. We also have a blowgun and regulator attached to a small CO2 tank for blowing out the broken chips, in this case the freezing action of the CO2 will contract the chips and tap and allow easier removal. Definitely wear a face shield and gloves for that operation! Continue until removed. The pen and CO2 deal also works when removing stubborn small carburetor parts too.

Timm Jurincie
TUF-ENUF Auto & Marine Performance
Avondale, AZ.
October, 2014