Nov 1, 2017 | BLOCK WORK

Priming the engine with a 1⁄2-drill and getting oil to all rockers without this mod takes 36 minutes. After the mod it takes less than a minute. Here’s what I do on Dart blocks. I’ve attached some pics as a visual guide. The lifter galley hole is 7/16 dia. (.437”). The plug I make is .438”-/.439” o.d. with a .250” hole in the back, that’s about .250” deep. The plug has a slight taper to the front edge x ~ .100” wide. It is no longer than .375”. The installation tool is made from a 7/16 x 6” bolt that has the threads cut off and the end turned down to .247-.248 x ~.245 long as you can see in the pic. You insert the tool through the passenger side lifter galley hole at the back of the block. Using long needle nose pliers (or whatever it takes) you reach down through the distributor hole, place the plug on the end of the tool. Gently drive the plug into the lifter galley hole between the distributor and the last lifter bore. I use some red thread locker on the plug to keep it secured. I make sure not to drive the plug into the lifter bore. Once done, I check to make sure a lifter goes in the bore and moves with no interference. I also check to make sure a distributor drops in the hole with no interference. It’s a good idea to de-burr the edge of the hole a little before you drive the plug in. The edge is pretty sharp and will shave the plug.

Scott Foxwell
Staub Technologies Piney
Flats, TN
November, 2017