Dec 14, 2018 | BLOCK WORK

We do quite a few small single cylinder engine, re-bore and power hone jobs in our shop. Usually going to the next available oversize is all that is needed. However, when cylinders are badly damaged or have already been re-bored to the limit, we install an aftermarket sleeve to save the engine case. When fitting the new sleeve we usually chill the sleeve in the freezer for a few hours while we are preheating the engine case. We have found that an Electric Roaster Pan works really well for preheating the engine cases. We set the temperature control to 375 and let the engine case soak for several hours. Next we simply and very carefully line up the ports and slip the sleeve into the case, as quickly as pos­sible. You can pick up an electric roaster pan for about $20-$25 at the local re-sale shop. If the resale shop doesn’t have one just leave a note and they will call you when one does become available. I also use the electric roaster pan to preheat small parts like aluminum timing covers before I weld them. And it works well to dry out stick welding rod.

Jerry McLain
McLain’s Automotive Machine Shop
Cuba, MO
December, 2018